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Monday, September 5, 2011

Why don't you get a job?

Hello, friends!

I told you on my last post that I had quit my job. I also told you I was having an interview this week.

So... I went to the interview today. I wasn't confident at all about this job because it's about something I don't have any experience about, but they still wanted to interview me. I was so not confident and I cared so little about this interview that I arrived late. When I say late, I don't mean 5 minutes late... I mean half an hour late!

Once in the interview things went really well, though. It turns out that the team I'd be working for has contacts all over the world and they needed somebody with my previous experience that could also speak many languages (that's me!). They said that they can teach me anything I don't know, so training is not a problem.

Even though I arrived late, I'm quite confident I'm getting this job. I'll keep you updated regarding that!

The bad thing is that I won't be able to visit my beloved girlfriend for another year and a half. I hope she finds the time to visit me before that... The good thing is that if I actually get this job, I'd be making double what I was making at my previous job.

I really miss my girlfriend, but I hope I made the right decision; I need to make money so we can get a place of our own once we marry. I'd really like to go visit her, but I can't spend all the money on plane tickets, right? What do you think?


  1. I'm sure you made the right decision in applying and hopefully taking this job. You don't have anything to worry about, were all rooting for you!

  2. I hate to work. :P

  3. hopefully you get it, being late can be a real killer in job apps though

  4. DUDE, good to hear from ya again bro! You haven't posted in awhile...or I missed yer last two posts. It could happen, my life's been pretty messed up and chaotic as of late...

    For the record, y'know how me and my PIC are waitin' 'til marriage and what-not? There's also a financial reason for such a thing...I want to make sure we have a stable home and a stable (-er) car so we don't end up as one of those parents with squalling brats on the bus that everyone feels bad/pity for/anger about.

    Seriously, there IS a responsibility of the parents to be prepared as best as they can before they have kids...for all that very few do nowadays. So yeah, if yer makin' money now that's completely cool (especially if it means you get more chances to hang out with your chica), but if you could make more simply by waiting a bit longer...well, wait, ain't y'all waiting ANYWAY? So it won't inexactly increase the absolute amount of time it takes for you two to be together inasmuch as it'll hamper you two being together (even fleetingly) currently?

    Ultimately, like all of my rambling posts, it's gonna be up to the both of you, bro...and yeah, the both of you. At least offer her the chance to put in HER input 'bout it, y'know? Perhaps she feels the same as I do 'bout the situation and would give you her blessing about it.

  5. good luck finding a new job

  6. It sucks man when that happends. getting late on a important meeting.

  7. Mate, don't be crazy. Quit the job, buy a plain ticket and go see your girlfriend... and stay with her. You might never have "enough" money...