How the love of my life and I struggle to keep our love strong

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good news, everyone!

Hello, friends!

This will be a quick update. It's getting late, I'm sleepy and I need to wake up early tomorrow. I just wanted to mention that my girlfriend has internet at home now! We can't really chat a lot because by the time she can get online I need to go to bed already, but something's better than nothing.

We didn't get to chat tonight (she had something to do), but we chatted yesterday and we'll be able to chat every night at least for a bit. We'll probably take advantage of the weekends, since I won't have to wake up mad early for work then.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that. I'm very happy now! (and sleepy, did I mention that already?). I hope you folks are having a good week. I'll try to update again on Friday (perhaps I should do a Mon-Wed-Fri update schedule from now on...)


  1. A Mon-Wed-Fri update sounds great, as long as you'll be spending the weekends doing more important stuff like being with your gf. Have a great rest of the week sir.

  2. As long as you doing more important stuff 3 days a week should be good :D

  3. you guys should get web cameras and good headsets mics, so that you have free conference calls nothing like watching talkign to your loved ones :D

  4. I can say from experience that long distance relationships never work. But then again, that might be because I'm too much of a sex addict to go without getting laid more than a week.

  5. Good to know that you are both dedicated to making this work.

  6. Good luck, I could never have a long distance relationship.