How the love of my life and I struggle to keep our love strong

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I quit

Hello, friends!

It's been a while since I updated this blog, so I wanted to leave a few lines.

I've had enough of my job: long hours without any kind of additional retribution, low pay, no possibility of career advancement...

I quit.

By the end of the month I won't be going to the office anymore. I have already started the search for a new job and I have an interview next week (wish me luck!)

Sadly, this means I won't be able to visit my girlfriend soon, but we have been chatting the last few days and she might be able to visit before the end of the year! *crosses fingers*

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bad day

Hello, friends!

Sorry for not updating for a while, I'll try to be more constant.

The other day my girlfriend got online when I wasn't around and she sent me some pictures and she told me she had had an awful day. Her day had gotten very hectic with some errands she had to run and some people that complicated things (nothing serious now, but she was quite mad at the time). It made me feel awful that I couldn't be there for her when she needed me. Luckily she could get online again that night and we chatted for a bit; I only found out later that she had only gotten 3 hours of sleep. She kept that information from me because she knew that if I had known I would've forced her to go to sleep and she really wanted to chat with me.

It's very frustrating knowing that sometimes she needs me and not being able to be there for her. I really wish we were together already so I could help her when things get bad.

Sorry for the emoish post, but I'm feeling frustrated and I needed to vent a little. I promise a more cheerful post next time and I promise I won't let so many days happen between posts.

Monday, August 15, 2011

On marriage

Hello, friends!

I want to thank all of you for your "get well" wishes! I'm feeling great; the flu never really caught on, but I decided to get lots of rest to help my body.
Also, I realized that in my last post I was celebrating passing the 100 followers mark, but I never thanked each of you for reading what I post. Your comments and support make me come back to post, so thank you!

Going to the topic of this particular post, I wanted to write about the importance of marriage.
Before meeting my girlfriend, I had never put much attention to the ceremony of marriage. I thought it was just singing a piece of paper that's only a legal contract. It doesn't represent love to me, because sometimes people get married without being in love (arranged marriages, political marriages, etc). Some see it as reaching certain maturity in the couple or a requirement for having children; I could agree with those (I wouldn't have wanted children without getting married first, because of the legal benefits of marriage).

Now, my girlfriend sees marriage in a religious way. For her getting married is declaring to God that you'll be spending the rest of your life with a person. For her, marriage is a spiritual thing. Marriage is a bond created by God.

Even though I don't have her religion, I have to admit that her view of marriage sounds very romantic, so I look forward to that at some point in the not so far future.

What's your view on marriage? How important is marriage to you? Does a couple need marriage at some point to make the commitment stronger? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sickness 101

Hello, friends!

I'm not feeling very well, I think the flu might be trying to take control of my body. My body is offering quite a battle, though.
Nevertheless, I have a headache, neck pain and my stomach is a bit upset. Hopefully I'll feel better soon, but I didn't want to leave this without updates for too long.

On a side note, I've seen many people celebrating their 100 followers. I think that's a celebration of having reached a goal, but I celebrate 101 because that means that I'm not going to settle for 100, haha. That, and I also never noticed when I got follower #100, hahaha.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing fine. I still have some questions unanswered and I promise to take care of that as soon as possible (as soon as I feel better)!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Hello, friends!

Sorry for not posting for a couple of days.
My girlfriend hasn't been able to get online again, so I'm kind of "meh"...

I noticed that I left some of the comments' questions unanswered, so I'm going to answer them here. I hope I didn't miss any!

GMSoccerPicks said...
How much is the time difference?

It's 3 hours. It doesn't sound too bad, but she usually can get online at midnight for one or two hours and that means I stay awake till 4am or

Keine Scheisse said...
Can't you change job once after you've taken your holidays?

Yes, I can, but then that means I won't be visiting her till next year. I can't take my vacations right now.

HK said...
Where exactly are you located ? Universities are free? Im thinking EU

I'm not in the EU. I live in South America.

GMSoccerPicks said...
By the way you say it, it looks like you are like 10 years older than her. Perhaps a bit more.

The age gap is 9 years. She's 18, I'm 27.

Chase said..
Also though you weren't an "evangelical atheist" and you aren't a agnostic now...
Either you believe in a god or you lack a belief in gods...atheist or a theist... Gnosticism is a different subject.

I was using the term in the popular sense, but you're correct.

This is what Wikipedia says about "agnostic"

In the popular sense, an agnostic is someone who neither believes nor disbelieves in God, whereas an atheist disbelieves in God. In the strict sense, however, agnosticism is the view that human reason is incapable of providing sufficient rational grounds to justify knowledge whether God exists or does not. Within agnosticism there are agnostic atheists (who do not believe any deity exists, but do not deny it as a possibility) and agnostic theists (who believe a God exists but do not claim to know that).

I fluctuate between agnostic theist and agnostic atheist now. I used to categorically deny the existence of a deity. 

Neon said...
What movie did you watch?

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

If you have any more questions that you'd like to get answered, let me know in the comments!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Movie night

Hello, friends!

I was going to post last night, but something came up!
Last night my girlfriend got online for a little bit. She had to wake up early but we watched a movie!
It's a little weird, but she was going to watch a movie and I have the DVD of the same movie so we decided to watch it together. We synced it and we were watching the same parts at the same time.

Then, halfway through the movie, my internet died (gotta love my ISP... not). So I paused the movie for a while, then seeing how my ISP wasn't cooperating I decided to finish watching the movie. Then my internet came back, but my ISP's DNS weren't working, so I had to use public ones, but I managed to get online again.
My girlfriend had also paused the movie after a while, so she was only 5 minutes ahead of me.

We really enjoyed this sort of long distance date and we'll probably do this again at some point, but she's still traveling and doesn't know when she'll be able to get online again. She left right after the movie finished (like I said, she had to wake up early), but not before telling me that she loves me very much :)

If anybody has other ideas for long distance dates, things that would sort of work, like watching the movie, then I'd really appreciate it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Unexpected love messages

Hello, friends!

My girlfriend got online for a few minutes today. She got on line on an open network, logged in and talked to me!
She told me "I love you, handsome." She saw some pictures I had sent her and she told me she misses me.
We also gave each other many many e-kisses, hehe.

It's not much, but it was enough to make me very happy :)