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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wish me luck!

Hello, friends!

Tomorrow is my first day at work. I'm kind of anxious, since I have no experience in this line of work (it's a technology in particular in the IT field), but they said they'll train me, so I hope everything goes fine.
So... wish me luck, haha! I have to wake up quite early, so that's kind of sucky, but I guess that was to be expected from any job.

On a sad note, I haven't chatted with my girlfriend in quite a while and I miss her a lot. She hasn't been able to get online and now, even if she does get online, she won't find me awake. The time difference plus the waking up early for the new job is going to make quite difficult for us to find the time to chat. I guess we'll go back to a gazillion emails...


  1. Good luck on your first day =D
    Also, I'm sure things will get in order with your girlfriend; just don't give up :)

  2. Good luck, haha. Waking up is perhaps the worst part..

  3. Good luck - you'll do fine.
    Also, send her a nice sms message - even if it wakes her she will be happy for the real time contact.

  4. good luck i belive you will do fine :)

  5. You will do fine. Go for it man!

  6. Hope yer first day went well, bro!

    Yeah, you WERE warned 'bout the whole harder-to-converse-with-yer-lady thing, remember? BUUUUUT for better or for worse, I'm certain this'll go down properly.

    One never knows what the future holds for oneself, BUT hard work and better pay is always a good start. NOTHING bad comes from elbow grease, y'know?

    In b4 tennis elbow jokes...