How the love of my life and I struggle to keep our love strong

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello, friends!

My girlfriend is going on a trip for some days and I won't be able to chat with her. I'm kind of sad and I didn't feel like posting, but I'm just leaving this little update here so you know what's going on.
Hopefully, I'll be in the mood for a longer post tomorrow.



    That's it, I'm gonna kill you by suiciding tomorrow STOP LOOKING AT ME THROUGH THE MIRROR YOU BASTARD!

    No, seriously, I am TOTALLY goin' through the same thing. My fiancee is in California while I'm here in Washington, it's BEEN like this for the past month and...yeah, we're both really REALLY bent outta shape 'bout this. Especially with how close we've been the past three years...

    Plus waitin' for this information concerning internshippin' to get back is really REALLY draggin' on. Not her fault, just the companies she's contactin' haven't replied back with any information requests.

    ...still, each day that drags on is one more day we're apart from one another, y'knowwhatImean? That shit's harsh, m'man.

    So hey, for what it's worth ya got a dude rootin' for ya, m'man...if >I< can do it, you can too, y'know?

    Still sucks though.

  2. Hope you cheer up soon, mate.

  3. Hope you do alright and have a good one! It was today that my long distance relationship struck its third month! Time flies..

  4. Chris, remember the old time, in the First or Second World War, when the soldier were abroad, far far away from home and mail system were slower then today, don't be afraid, sometimes being alone for a while, is a precious gift of time.