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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Age gap

Hello, friends!

Today I feel like talking about the age difference between my love and I. We don't find it to be a problem for us, but sometimes it does feel weird. Also, some other people find it objectionable (like our families).

My family thinks that our relationship might not be serious because she's so much younger than I am. I don't understand how they can think we aren't serious while we work so hard to keep the relationship working even though all the differences we may have.
My friends think I'm robbing the cradle (she's not underage, though. As I mentioned in my first post, she's 18).

Her family things that dating an older guy might not be a good idea and that she should find somebody her age. They think I might make her do things that she might not want or might not be ready to do.

For her and I the age gap is not a problem, but it is a curiosity: when I graduated from college she was just starting high school; I was in elementary school before she was born. Things like kind of surprise us a bit, but we love each other very much so they don't bother us.

Have you ever been in a relationship with an age gap (say, more than 5 years)? Did it make you feel weird? What did your families and friends think about it? Did it work for you or was it the reason why maybe the relationship ended? Please, let me know in the comments!


  1. Waaaaaitaminute, so how old are you exactly right now? Hmmm...

    Well, that really shouldn't have any impact. She's considered an adult by damn near every country on this planet, hell a spinster by some.

    SOOOOOO, sososososo...age gap not a major thing? Good. My ex was 15 when we first got together, and I was 27 at the time. I had just gotten over a two year "screw everyone" stint and was between girlfriends when she suddenly pursued me. I still don't really know why she did...

    No, ignore that: I know why, I just didn't believe it after she broke it off a year later. We never did anything physically but I was more than willing to wait three years for her to make up her mind...and I'm glad I did. As is, that same self-control and discipline is present in the relationship between I and my fiancee who wishes to remain a virgin until we're married.

    BUT, my ex...suffice it to say, her mom was extremely cool with it but I don't remember much about her father. My own parents were flabbergasted but trusted my council concerning the situation. Really the only person who hardcore spoke out against it was my sister, but to be quite honest she has never liked my lifestyle and I've been happy talking to her thrice a year over the phone.

    Like I said though, she ended up breaking it off after a year, on New Years Eve nonetheless. Strangely enough, that was a long distance relationship, and we were going to hang out all day New Years Eve with her mother and a couple of friends of hers...


    Anyway, now that I think about it I should also mention that my fiancee is actually even years younger than me. Before both of them, I only dated women close to my age or even older...which reminds me of this chick I got with who was a masochistic bodybuilder in her seventies...

    ANYWAY, as you can tell age gap ain't a thing for me. So long as you love them, that's all that matters. Now, there SHOULD be limits to that..for instance, my relationship with that bodybuilder was a purely S&M one. The fifteen year old had to talk me into even the idea of it, and even then I myself set that limit that we would do nothing sexual outside of kissing until she was 18.

    ...wait, what was the question again?


    ~That Bastard

  2. I can only tell a story from my father. He was in a relationship with a girl 20 years younger than him. In the end they ended it because she wanted children and he already had 4 of them. Now she's married to a guy her age.
    My mother was left after 13 years of matrimony by my step father for a girl 18 years younger than him. For that she even left HER partner at this time who was 31 years older than her. They're still together afaik, even if I don't have direct contact to either of them anymore. Weird stories.

  3. My current relationship is almost a three year age gap, and it doesn't bother me at all.

  4. Humans require reproduction in order to accrue benefits and dowry.

    Seriously, pics, man, pics.

  5. That's not a bad gap. You should feel good that you are faithful, not many people are.

    Great blog!

  6. Im 3 almost 4 years older than my GF. By the way you say it, it looks like you are like 10 years older than her. Perhaps a bit more. Now...its hard to say without knowing the both of you, but it's hard. Both of you are in different stages of your life, you are already an adult and she has a ton to lear and a lot to live befor settling down. I know each relationship is a world, but this case seems a bit extreme. Aaaand on the other hand, you cant go against love, if you are in love you are in love, love is blind and you dont choose who you fall in love with.
    Hopefuly this turns out for the best, but dont be disappointed if this doesnt work out. The distance + the age difference will make it very very hard, considering that she is so young and has a lot to live. She will need to experience a lot of things that you wont be able to give her being so far away. I know it sounds tough, but its true. At this point i feel the distance is the bigger problem, first solve that, then solve the age issue.

  7. My first girl was 20 and I was 14. I know it is weird, but true.

  8. My music teacher started dating his fiance when she was 18, he was over 30. It can work if both families are mature about it! Hope it turns out for the best, age+distance can be a cruel mistress!!

  9. I only know that my grandmother was married to a 12 year older husband, but that didn't bother them at all, they really loved each other, so they got married. I say if it is true love, then just go ahead, and ignore your family.

  10. Well if you are both faithful to each other then i'm all for it.