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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Children and religion

Hello, friends!

I'm going back to religion in this blog post.

Although I respect my girlfriend's religion and I want to learn more about it, it kind of scared me at first how I would feel about what would happen if we have kids. I don't want them to feel pressured into any religion (or lack of it).

I have talked about this with my girlfriend and she has told me that she wants to be able to teach our kids about Jesus Christ. I have no objections there, as long as our kids can hear what I believe in (or not believe in) and why. And they should have the option to believe whatever it is they want.

If you're not religious, would you be okay with having religious kids? If you're religious, what would you think if your kids decided they don't believe in the same things that you believe?


  1. As i said before, i was born in a mixed marriage. Both my parents gave me and my brother the freedom to choose whatever we felt it fullfilled us. They didnt impose judaism or catholicism, they just let us choose if we wanted to learn, and what we wanted to learn. I ended up with a mix between between things i felt suited me better, even diving into buddhism. I hope my experience helps you at least a bit :)

  2. I would do what my parents did, let me make up my own mind and never forced me into any religion.

  3. My parents have different beliefs than each other, and i have tottaly different beliefs than they two. I have no problems about religion!

  4. I am not religious, but I don't think I would mind if my children took one up. Children usually follow their parents views, for at least the first decade, so it will be a while to worry anyway.

  5. Ooo i can see your concern. I don't think that i could date anyone that doesnt share my views (at least somewhat)... couldn't handle the arguments down the road. I'm glad you are tolerant!

  6. Refer back to my previous comment. Dude, should be absolutely okay, y'knowwhatImean?

    Just make sure that BOTH you and she are ready to accept THEIR beliefs, especially if it's not one either of you share.

    At the same time, be accepting should they follow a belief that DOES coincide with one of y'alls.

    Honestly, I'd only worry if they went, like Satanist or something. And not the cool hedonistic Anton Levay bullshit either, but that Hot Topic goth poser sacrificing cats bullshit.

    I'd also worry if they were into a demonologist cult or some such. It's one thing to study demonology, but when worship starts gettin' involved thaaat's when it's time to step in and be the parent and DO somethin'.

    BUT, enough of the LOL DARK SIIIIIDE, let's instead go back to that whole thing we spoke of earlier.

    ...shit, what were we talkin' 'bout?

    Anyway, let your kids get a chance to hear it out from both of y'all and make sure yer lady is good with it too. Make sure she's ready for as many outcomes as you can bring up, and just make sure you're both cool with whatever your kids decide to follow.

    'Cuz ultimately it IS on y'alls shoulders to be there for 'em and accept 'em no matter their choice (barring extreme kill-everyone-blow-yourself-up choices). They're YOUR kids, and they're YOUR responsibility even unto adulthood.

    I'm just sayin'.

  7. Im an Atheist and life is so much better...

  8. I really think anyone should be allowed to make their own choices and be whatever religion they wanna follow or not.

  9. I would wait until my kids were old enought to use their heads. There's is no need to rush things up you can always teach them good life values without the necesity of bringing religion into the table. This goes both ways: atheists and theist. Keep in mind that your kids will be very influenced with yours or your wife's voice.

  10. I grew up in a catholic family, both me and my girlfriend are atheists and we've decided that we won't talk to our son about religion until he's old enough to understand and make an educated decision on what to believe.

  11. I'd like a world without religion. Life would be so much easier. And I'm sure there were at least 30% fewer crimes

  12. I was also born in a mixed marriage. I was taught the religion of my mother when I was very young. I now follow the religion of my father and have always identified with it more. It feels right to me.

  13. Respect in first place. If I was atheist, would respect the opinion of my son, the same if I was religious.

    Each one have your opinion, and is it. :]

  14. This is why I don't think I'll ever be able to have a relationship with a fundamentalist christian/other religion. I'm fine if they somehow come to that belief in some weird logical/rational way, but It would be way too hard if they wanted them to go to church, christian camps, and bible studies in an indoctrination attempt.