How the love of my life and I struggle to keep our love strong

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello friends!

Thanks for all the comments in the previous post. For those of you that mentioned Uberman, I don't think that would work for a very long time. Besides, I have work and I can't stop every so and so minutes to take a nap and skipping naps is bad for that kind of program.

Now, for today's post I was thinking about how decisions affect a couple and how those decisions are even more important when distance is part of the equation.
I have a job that's not paying me as much as it should right now. I'm sure that I could get a better paying job if I looked for one. The problem is that if I switched jobs now I wouldn't get vacations this year. No vacations means no time to visit my girlfriend. More money means it's easier to buy a plane ticket. So, it's not an easy decision.
Another decision she has to take now is where she'll go to college. Going to college in the US means that, depending on what kind of courses of studies she goes for, she'll be staying in the US for 2 to 6 years. She could technically transfer her credits to a university over here, but that's always very complicated. She could study here, but she doesn't speak the language yet, so she wouldn't be able to start right away. Also, over here we have free university (free public university, that is), whereas in the US it is very expensive (even getting a scholarship you always have to pay something).
Ideally, I'd want her to move over here, but that's practically impossible at the moment. I would move over there, but I wouldn't be legally able to work. So for the time being we have to remain separated.

I'd like to read from you now. What's the toughest decision you had to take in a relationship?

I'm waiting for my girlfriend to get online now. I'm staying awake tonight!


  1. I know some websites offer free online courses/ lectures so that could be an option for your girlfriend.
    Also, you could probably be better off changing jobs. Because yes, that means no vacation now, but you'll get to see her even more later, and when you do see her, you can take her out to better places. But really, it's up to you.

  2. The hardest decision I ever had to make in a relationship was to leave my first real girlfriend. I loved her with every fiber of my being, but she hated herself too much to let me in. In hindsight we were probably just far too young, and I can't stop dwelling on this.

  3. There wasn't really any tough decisions with my ex-girlfriend lol. It was just whether or not we should put more effort into the relationship.

  4. Toughest decision wasn't really in a relationship per se. I was really interested in this chick at school and she really liked me too. She was always a manipulative bitch though, but I tried to see past it. Turns out she was a gold digger and talked shit about everyone behind their backs, including me. I called her ass out on it and severed ties with her. Good thing I graduated from high school the week I did that.

  5. GAH, I have no good advice or commentary this time around. Hardest decision? For me, I can't pinpoint which decision I've ever made in my life was the hardest.

    I seem to just take the hard road, the untrodden path...I always seem to be the one who takes the high hard ones and forge the path for others to take.

    Maybe someday I'll take it easy, when I'm dead. 'Til then, I just live life the way I do, live up to the choices I make and live up to my own personal philosophy.

    Reckon that's a hard decision right there, y'know? Self-accountability, self-responsibility, and self-control. Shit sucks, bro, but the rewards are worth it I guess...

  6. Can't you change job once after you've taken your holidays?

  7. That's why I do stay single :D

  8. Toughest decision in a relationship?
    Whether to leave the woman I loved, or continue until I hate her.

    I left. And still love her.

  9. Hope you can change jobs soon! +1 followed

  10. Thats a really tough spot, one of many when you are involved in this kind of situation. Its hard to give advice because either way you go, you win some and lose some. I dont envy you one bit, ive been in your situation before and its really really tough . Hope everything turns out just fine.

  11. i haven't slept this night either :>

  12. A job without vacations(or very few) would be a job not worth having! Thats my 2 cents. Cool blog dude +1

  13. Relationships always have tough decisions. Right now the one I'm in my gf and I are getting bored too quickly and we are trying to figure out what to do to keep things going... Or maybe she might just give up on it all. Bleh.

    Where exactly are you located ? Universities are free? Im thinking EU

  14. That sounds really really tough. I hope ya'll can figure it out.

    The toughest decisions I have now are based on our baby. We are expecting baby Dexter in December, and our parenting styles are so different its going to be interesting to work them out into a single style we can both live with.