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Monday, August 15, 2011

On marriage

Hello, friends!

I want to thank all of you for your "get well" wishes! I'm feeling great; the flu never really caught on, but I decided to get lots of rest to help my body.
Also, I realized that in my last post I was celebrating passing the 100 followers mark, but I never thanked each of you for reading what I post. Your comments and support make me come back to post, so thank you!

Going to the topic of this particular post, I wanted to write about the importance of marriage.
Before meeting my girlfriend, I had never put much attention to the ceremony of marriage. I thought it was just singing a piece of paper that's only a legal contract. It doesn't represent love to me, because sometimes people get married without being in love (arranged marriages, political marriages, etc). Some see it as reaching certain maturity in the couple or a requirement for having children; I could agree with those (I wouldn't have wanted children without getting married first, because of the legal benefits of marriage).

Now, my girlfriend sees marriage in a religious way. For her getting married is declaring to God that you'll be spending the rest of your life with a person. For her, marriage is a spiritual thing. Marriage is a bond created by God.

Even though I don't have her religion, I have to admit that her view of marriage sounds very romantic, so I look forward to that at some point in the not so far future.

What's your view on marriage? How important is marriage to you? Does a couple need marriage at some point to make the commitment stronger? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I don't think marriage is important. In fact I think it is a bad thing sometimes. The feeling of being bound by law can make a couple more distant from each other... if you get what I'm trying to explain hehe

  2. For each individual the situation is different, y'know? For some couple commonwealth marriages are the way to go...while others need a religious declaration.

    For some, it's merely a state declaration so they can get tax write-offs and what-not.

    Me personally, I've always wanted like a big whoop-to-do, all Sly and the Family Stone style with, like, a stadium full of people cheering us on to have sex right then and there on the field.

    ...Sly and the Family Stone or Ugly Americans, it was one or the other...

    Anyway, I'm all about doin' shit big, y'knowwhatImean? So when me and my PIC started discussing marriage plans we both thought a armor-and-fantasy wedding would be awesome. I know a coupla guys who are going to do up the armor and shamshir-esque blade for my stage getup (for m'band), and I'd like to use THAT for the wedding.

    Besides, wearing and working in heavy metal makes you buff, yo.

    Anyway, yeah...we both want a armor-and-fantasy wedding buuuut we're willing to settle for an outdoor service overseen by a priest of her denomination.

    For my beloved, I'm more than willing to compromise that much: I won't have to set foot into a church (which immediately lights it on fire, remember?) and she still gets a priest-run marital service. All is well.

    Y'know, it wasn't until I fell in love that I truly learned how compromise isn't long as you don't go too far.

    Never compromise who you are, y'know? If my partner in crime is right and I end up in Hell and she ends up in Heaven, then I'm going to tear apart the entirety of the afterlife in order to be with her again.

    If it's vice-versa, then I'll gladly give up half my soul...if not all of be with her. From a purely sadistic p.o.v. I'd rather be her punisher (bwahaha, remember when you said you weren't into that baby? WELL GUESS WHERE WE ARE NOW I'll try not to enjoy it too much love ya babe...), but still so long as I can be with her (that includes double-crosses from devilish types) I'll happily go be with her.

    Should she ever ask me to betray myself OR my honor...well, that's kind of a major tip-off that she ain't herself. Either it's a doppleganger or she's under some kinda hypnosis...I'm willing to accept any lengths of rationalization (another thing I'm normally never one for doing) outside of the idea that she wants me to betray myself, her or my honor.

    I'm just sayin'...

  3. I don't think its important, but then again, I don't have the religious standing to go with it. So I understand why its so important to others.

  4. Marriage can be good or bad. Depends on how you see it. Some people see it as a prison and want to get out easy if something happens. While others see it as a sign of respect to their partner.

  5. When I'm convinced that I can spoil the crap out of my girlfriend for the rest of her life, then I'll propose.

  6. I don't see marriage as most people do, there's nothing really binding about it.

    But I do believe if I found the right girl it would be nice to marry her =3

  7. yeah i'm not sure eh, i feel way too young for that, 28. you never know though :)

  8. I want to get married just like Brad Pitt n Jolie! They are the SHIT! :D

  9. i think if you want a FAMILY! marriage is really important, no matter what they say!

  10. Im coll with marriage, its not the most important thing ever, but im ok with it. My GF finds it really important and i love her so i guess marriage it is hahahaha

  11. I don't care much for a piece of paper telling me I'm with a girl...

  12. If nothing else, marriages is a great way to get to know people and eat a lot of food!

  13. I'm conflicted. My upbringing suggests that marriage should be a religious event. However, I am tending to think that the ceremony, location, and all the events around it are already romantic and do not need to be spiritual to add to the romance level.

  14. Marriage, a sacred bond, fucked up by todays society