How the love of my life and I struggle to keep our love strong

Monday, November 21, 2011

Aun't that an update?

Hello, friends!

I haven't posted in a while. I'm very busy at work because they decided they are going to make me work in another project: they haven't made me switch project, I'm actually working on two projects at the same time now... of course, I'm not getting any additional money on my paycheck for it. I might be able to work more overtime and use those extra hours to take some time off to visit my girlfriend at some point. Working 2 weeks of overtime is going to make me really tired, though. I'm already sleeping between 3 and 5 hours a day...

Anyway, here's some good news: as I mentioned in my previous post, my girlfriend is moving with her aunt soon (probably next week). I already listed some of the  good and the bad things, but I forgot to mention that this will mean reliable broadband internet for her. No more having to mess with 3G to get some decent signal! Besides chatting with me, she actually needs internet for college to do research and stuff (besides the fact that she might still pick an online college, but that's probably not going to happen).

Well, I think that's it for now. I'll try not to wait too long for another update!


  1. I feel ya, I haven't been keeping up with mine as much as I should because of work too. Trying to do the best we can for our readers though right?

  2. Things could be worse, could be unemployed. But think of the money! Good luck to you! And hopefully you'll get to see your girl soon! :D