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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A bit under the weather

Hello, friends!

I missed a few updates, but I'm going to pretend that nothing happened so I'm quickly changing the subject to...

The weather!

I really like the rain. Today there was a storm where I live and it's funny to see people running away from the water, as if it wasn't raining right in front of them anyway. It's raining behind you, it's raining in front of you, no matter how fast you run you're still going to get wet, haha. Even so, I don't understand why people are so afraid of getting wet, it's just water! It wasn't even cold today! Let me say this: the rain is not going to make you melt...

My girlfriend and I love storms. We like walking under the rain and we love seeing the lightnings in the sky. We like telling each other when it's raining where we live. I even have a weather widget on my computer that's configured with her town on it, so I can know of future rain in advance! It's another way of keeping the long distance relationship a bit closer, knowing what's going on where she lives.

I'm quite certain a lot of people probably think we are crazy because of all this, but I'm sure we're not alone and that more people love the rain just as much as we do, right?

Do you enjoy the rain or do you escape from it like a kitty? If you're a rain lover like my girlfriend and I, let me know! If you think that what we do is crazy, I'd also like to know.


  1. i do love watching the rain fall =)

  2. If u like rain or not depends on the situation u are in!
    When i have to go to a meeting or so i dont want to get there with wet clothes.
    But when havin free time i can do what i wanna do, and then i think walkin in the rain is very funny

  3. I love rain, snow, hurricanes (not bad ones), thunderstorms, cool weather. Hate when it is hot as hell. 100 and above is just too hot. Also . . .what happened?

  4. Well... here in Portugal it's usual to rain a lot in October, but this year looks like it's still summer... really weird weather in the past days :S

    I like when it rains... but i stay in the bed hearing the sound of it, and watching a good movie. Feels good man :D

  5. :3 i share every feel presented here, good stuff

  6. This post makes me kind of sad. I love storms, especially violent tumultuous ones. My girlfriend cowers in a corner during these.

  7. People run because it gets them out of the rain far quicker, therefore they get far less wet. Simple logic, my friend. ;)

    But no, you're not crazy. Long distance relationships are hard - if you're particularly sexual, they're impossible - and anything that gets you closer is just better. Why not enjoy what ever connections you can make? :)

  8. I love to see how a storm sets up, but if im getting wet, i will run!

    my gf is a bit scared of extreme storms most of the times we just go watch a movie and she ask me to keep her safe, like we aren''t! lol

    good work, keep it up!

  9. I like rain, but never when I have to commute... which is quite often. The weather here is quite bad and we're facing quite an early Winter from what I can see. I wish it had been different this year, as we didn't have Summer at all.